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The Evolution of SEO: VSO (Voice Search Optimization)

We are seeing an increasing trend of searches via voices. Typing and searching are left far behind. It is predicted that about 50 percent of searches in 2020 will be done via voice search, which speaks for its importance. The smartest move is to convert your websites for voice search as the statistics are amazingly increasing.

VSO Search-A new technology:

You must be very interested in knowing what this technology is? Ain’t you?

VSO is a very latest and progressing technology that involves usage of voice for searching the query. The audience speaks its questions rather than typing. It is a very innovative and likable technology that you must know if you have heard about Siri and Google Voice Assistance.

Voice Search Optimization:

The voice search optimization begins with great content. The only key to master this content is by using long-tail keywords appropriately. It is a common observation that while we search for our queries, we use conversational tone so our keywords are also the common and long tail. If you know how to handle them, none can stop your content to be the king.

Some points should be kept in mind before playing with the keywords, such as:

  1. Who your audience is? What do they want to search for?
  2. Brainstorm about their related queries and try to make a list of FAQs to facilitate them.
  3. After gathering information, target the most ideal audience.

Why adopt VSO?

As you come to know about new technology, the next question that hits your mind is that why should I adopt it? Is it worth my efforts? So, here is the answer to that:

  1. Searching with voice is more likable as it is 3 times faster than typing.
  2. The audience always likes quick responses.
  3. Searching via voice is comparatively easier and time-saving.
  4. The audience can communicate well.

Don’t you think its good for your site to rank first???

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

Are you thinking that traditional SEO and Voice SEO are the same? If yes, then you are sadly mistaken. They are entirely different so is the management.

Don’t worry we will tell you some of the techniques which you can adopt to rank your site using VSO.


  1. See the loading of the website:

VSO is meant for the sites that load quickly. Do not use anything that makes your site load very late. Carefully see that:

  • It is working on phones as well.
  • You are using optimized images.
  • Your files are compressed.
  • Caching to improve loading.
  • Less response time of the server.


  1. Be realistic:

Try to use the keywords that are more realistic and conversational in tone. In other words, use long-tail keywords more. This is because if anyone wants to search by typing about holiday destinations then they might type “holiday destinations” but if they are searching via voices, they will speak for the whole phrases as “what are the best holiday destinations in the world?”

So, the point is

  • Hit long-tail keywords.
  • Be natural and conversational.


  1. Featured Snippets:

It is a common practice that we want precise and comprehensive answers. No one wants to dig deep for the basic information. So, how to make Google know this?? The answer is by using featured snippets.

A featured snippet or answer box or position zero summarizes your whole web page. So:

  • Use summarized content.
  • The main content summary should be of 29 words (average).
  • Use lists and bullets as they are easily readable.
  • Use long-tail keywords.


  1. Lengthy Content:

Keep in mind that your content should be lengthy, full of information but the sentences used should be short. It gives Google more chance to search for the query.

Give direct answers rather than links. The key to being rank higher is the usage of more natural keywords and language.


We have to progress with the new technology. If you left the new advancement, you will be probably left in a loss. Try to adopt new digital strategies to make yourself rank higher in the market. VSO is not so tricky. Use it to earn more.